Mister Pettypaws

Mister Pettypaws on the tree

Mr. Pettypaws is a cat owned by Mrs. Neederlander. He likes to climp up trees.


During a panic caused by an alien invasion, Mister Pettypaws climbed up a tree and had to be retrieved by Kade Burns and HeatwaveHe was not, as Mrs Neederlander had assumed, abducted by aliens.(The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock)  Mister Pettypaws got stuck up yet another tree, and happily rubbed against Boulder when the Rescue Bot helped him down. (Walk on the Wild Side)

He also got stuck up a tree in the park, and Mrs Neederlander had to climb up after him. (Cody on Patrol)

ShakeUp Keyboard Cat

The kitty made a brief guest cameo in Frankie Greene's music video, playing a keyboard.

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