Family of Heroes
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date February 18, 2012
Written by Nicole Dubuc
Directed by Patrick Archibald & Nathan Chew
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Family of Heroes is the first episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots. It aired on February 18, 2012.


A small space shuttle with four Autobots outside the Milky Way Galaxy receives a message from Optimus Prime to meet with him on Earth. They arrive on Earth where Optimus Prime greets them. He is surprised to find out that they are a rescue team, as he thought none existed anymore.

Meanwhile in Griffin Rock, Cody Burns is riding his bike and finds his father riding a police car for the final time, as it was going to get replaced the next day. Cody is upset as he is the only one in his family to not be part of the rescue team, but his father encourages him that he will one day find his place.

Optimus Prime assigns each member of the rescue team an alternate form. He also assigns a new mission for the
Rescue Bots Presentation-Family of Heroes

Charlie Burns presents the Rescue Bots

team: to help protect the humans of Griffin Rock. Optimus Prime invites However, Charlie Burns to help clarify what their mission is. Later, Charlie Brown presents the Rescue Bots to the citizens of Griffin Rock. He described them as robots built to aid them protect the public, and says they only react when their owners tell them to. However, a fire is reported in the museum in the middle of the
Heat Wave saves Charlie and Graham-Familiy of Heroes

Heat Wave saves Charlie and Graham

presentation and they all hurry to go there.

At the museum, the rescue team work quickly to put out the fire. Charlie and Graham when a loose head of the dinosaur exhibit starts falling on them. Fortunately, Heat Wave catches the head before it lands on them. They then decide there is nothing to do there and leave. As they leave, the eye of a robotic tyrannorsaurus rex begins to glow.

Back at base, Heat Wave takes the other Rescue Bots to an undeground bunker. Heat Wave is bothered that the humans are taking all the credit while they have to pretend they don't exist. Heat Wave then decides to leave, but Cody finds their hideout. The Autobots introduce themselves to him and Cody promises to teach them everything about Earth.

Cody shows the Rescue Bots a secret tunnel that leads out of the base and to the top of a montain, where Boulder becomes amazed by the stars in the night. They then go see a drive-in theater where Cody teaches them how to act like normal robots. In the middle of the lesson, they see a giant robot tyrannosaurus rex causing chaos. They find out that it is attracted to light and they lur eit away with their headlights.

Cody calls his dad to help and the Burns familiy meet with the Rescue Bots in the forest, where they had lost the
Burns Family Photo

The Burns Family learning the truth about the Rescue Bots

dinosaur. Charlie distacts the dinosaur while Cody formulates a plan. Blades picked up and carried away a cage that Boulder had found. Heat Wave then lured the dinosaur into a whole filled with mud that he created where Blades dropped the cage on it to trap it. Cody then shut down the tyrannosaurus rex with a switch on its back.

The team later returns the robot the museum. When everyone is saying that the Rescue Bots are malfuctioning, Charlie shocks them all by revealing they are aliens.

Cast and CharactersEdit

Voice Actor Character
Peter Cullen Optimus Prime
Steve Blum Heatwave
Parvesh Cheena Blades
D.C. Douglas Chase

Mr. Harrison

Imari Williams Boulder
Maurice LaMarche Charlie Burns
Elan Garfias Cody Burns
Lacey Chabert Dani Burns
Jason Marsden Kade Burns
Shannon McKain Graham Burns
Diamond White Francine Greene
Jeff Bennett Huxley Prescott



  • Blades debut
  • Boulder's debut
  • Chase's debut
  • Heatwave's debut
  • Charlie Burn's debut
  • Cody Burn's debut
  • Dani Burn's debut
  • Graham Burn's debut
  • Kade Burn's debut

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