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Dani Burns
Burns Family Photo
Vital statistics
Species Human
Production details
First appearance 101. "Family of Heroes"

Dani Burns is Cody's older sister and Griffin Rock rescue helicopter pilot. Unlike her partner Blades, Dani loves flying and has trouble getting along with Blades due to his fear of heights, but eventually learns how to work with him.


In the episode "The Lost Bell", Dani is shown to meet-from the audience's perspective-a young man whom she obviously finds attractive and who reciprocates her feelings during a storm on Griffin Rock after she and Blades save him from a windblown plane. In "Road Trip" this same individual-who is revealed to be named Taylor-is parasailing when his chute gets snagged on the Griffin Rock bell tower, forcing the rescue team to come to his aid. Blades takes note that Dani knows his name, and teases her over the fact, which causes her obvious embarrassment. Later, when he and Kade are accidentally swept away, Dani shows particular concern for him. Upon the pair meeting again, Kade-having learned of Taylor's interest in Dani-encourages him to ask her out, and both of them blush.

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