Cody Burns
Burns Family Photo
Vital statistics
Real name Cody Burns
Species Human
Production details
First appearance 101. "Family of Heroes"

Cody is the youngest son of Charlie Burns.

Profile: Cody Burns is the youngest of the Burns siblings, and the most mature of the family next to his father. It was he who first discovered the truth about the Rescue Bots, and also the one who had to convince his siblings to work with the Rescue Bots. After proving his worth in coordinating a rescue, he was made the communications operative.

Abilities: Cody is in good to excellent shape for a boy his age. He is very physically active, and has shown considerable talent in both throwing and use of a slingshot. He is also a very bright individual, able to use deductive reasoning to find patterns that others do not. Despite his level headed nature, he is still young and has a thirst to prove himself to his family, sometimes resulting in him putting himself in unnecessary danger.


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