HauntingGriffinRock Barney

Deputy Barney is an officer of the law on Griffin Rock. He's not very bright, and looks after things at the town jail. Optimus prime knows this which is why chase is permanenty assign to griffin rock because Barney is unquiilfied to be chief of police of griffin rock and Incase something horrible was to happen to chief burns where he could not be chief of police temporary or permanently and chase who way more bright and smarter than deputy Barney and is way more qualified would become chief of police or police chief of griffin rock

if you,do not think this

  1. he let even and miles on a computer dispite them being hackers beacuse the said they where checking there email and let them escape as a result
  2. let demonico do dubious plans
  3. try to punish a very smart but unsentant Kitty mr. Pettypaws leaving chase to,say he will be a very unsatisfactory partner leaving Charlie burns saying will into other options
  4. gave Cody a watch without researching it resulting in Cody stuck in a time loop
  5. got fought in even and Myles net
  6. tried ticking mr pettypaws agian
  7. tried ticking mr petty paws at least 6 times for jaywalking
  8. Not giving damonico anything and gave him something without Charlie burns approval
  9. milos smarter than him
  10. probioble village idiot